Add Elegance to Your Decor With a Table Lamp

Add Elegance to Your Decor With a Table Lamp

Table lamp are easy to move from place to place and eliminate the need for extra cords and plugs. Most also include a night light feature that can offer accent lighting or just glow in the dark as a soft night light.

Modern table lamps can include jazzy textures and shapes that add flair to any room. Often they can be found in pairs, positioned either side of a couch or in two corners of the room.


Tiffany table lamps bring a beautiful radiance to any room. Their colorful shades are made of small pieces of stained glass. Louis Comfort Tiffany popularized the technique in the late 19th century, expanding on centuries-old glasswork methods and embracing impurities that made for opalescent colors with jewel-like luminosity.

Rather than the traditional leaded came glasswork technique of cathedral stained glass windows, Tiffany’s team used copper foil. They then soldered the pieces together. This method makes a Tiffany lamp a little more delicate, but also less likely to break if dropped.

A Tiffany lamp shade will feature sometimes hundreds of different colored glass pieces, arranged into a pattern. Popular motifs include dragonflies, flowers and birds. Original Tiffany studios lamps often sell for six-figure sums, but reproductions and student works are available if a full Tiffany lamp isn’t in the cards. Rewiring a Tiffany lamp doesn’t affect its value, though collectors should be careful to avoid scratching the base or using new sockets that can devalue the piece.


Crystal table lamps bring a touch of modern glamour to the home. These elegant lamps use a glass or crystal base paired with a neutral linen lamp shade. The transparent crystal accent catches the light from overhead lighting fixtures and helps brighten up dark corners of living rooms, bedrooms and entryways.

Crystal and cut glass are classic materials for lamp bases because they refract light in beautiful ways. The crystal or glass sparkles and shines, while the lamp shade shields your eyes from glare. These table lamps work well with many types of decor and can be used as decorative accents on console tables or buffets in the entryway.

Add a pair of these crystal lamps to the side of a sofa table for a chic vignette. They also look wonderful positioned on the nightstand in a bedroom. These sleek and sophisticated lamps also complement other luxury lighting accents like crystal chandeliers or glass pendant lights.

Art Glass

Table lamps made of art glass are a great way to add a unique touch to your room decor. Art glass is blown by master glass artisans who use different processing techniques to create a wide variety of colors and shapes. This Luster glass table lamp features a Cherry Blossom design on a slender base. It is hand blown by Carl Radke and signed and dated to ensure authenticity and retain its collector value.

When choosing an art glass table lamp for your unique home, consider the color scheme of your room theme. A colorful lamp will stand out and make a statement or more neutral designs can blend in and offer a subtle accent to your room. Our LampsUSA lighting designers have a variety of styles to choose from that will refresh the look of your unique room decor.


Table lamps are a great way to add some visual interest to your home. They’re a perfect choice for accenting decor and creating a cosy atmosphere. These lights are also versatile, providing both ambient and task lighting.

The ceramic lamps from our Miller Lighting Collection provide textural interest with a raw, unglazed bottom for a rustic touch. Available in multiple sizes, these lamps make a statement as a decorative accent for bedrooms and living rooms.

Choosing the right lamp for your home can be a difficult task. You must consider the size and scale of your room as well as its overall aesthetic. You must also choose a style and design that complements the room’s existing decor. The final decision will depend on the purpose and functionality of the lamp, which is usually determined by its location in the room. For example, a desk lamp provides focused task lighting for reading or working at a computer, while a buffet lamp offers ambient lighting for dining or living rooms.

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