How to Decorate a Party Room

How to Decorate a Party Room

A kids party game idea is a room in a house that is used for gatherings and parties. It can be a living room, dining room, second den or other room that has been modified for these purposes.

Many people are remodeling their homes to add a Party Room to accommodate their entertaining style and lifestyle. A well-designed home Party Room can also serve other purposes for the family on a daily basis.

Decorate It

A party room’s decor is your first opportunity to impress and delight guests. Choose decorations that reinforce the theme and coordinate with the colors. Neutralize the background with a neutral color like white or beige to make your decorations stand out.

Start the decor in the entryway to surprise and delight guests as they walk into your party. Decorate the table that serves hors d’oeuvre trays with a unique decoration that ties into the theme and gives guests something special to take home.

There’s nothing like a few decorations above head to fill the room with glee. Try hanging glittering swirls, balloons or a creative banner flag in the main party area. A photo booth is another way to create a mood enhancing backdrop for your guests. Provide a few handheld props and a polaroid camera for guests to use to snap insta-worthy pictures.

Set the Theme

Regardless of the occasion, party themes help to set the mood and make it easier for guests to connect with each other. There are so many great options to choose from.

Considering your guests’ interests and your own will help narrow down the party theme options to choose from. For example, if you want your friends to experience the world without having to fly across the ocean to do so, consider a global travel themed party. Decorate with travel maps, flags, and even cook up food from different countries your group has visited together.

A mermaid-inspired party is another fun way to immerse your friends in the world of fantasy. Or, if pop star Harry Styles has your hearts, throw a party at his house. Bold outfits, feather scarves and metallic streamers will all be key to bringing this theme to life.

Designate Seating Areas

Whether you want to create lounge areas or designated seating for guests who wish to sit and chat, it’s important to consider the amount of furniture in your party room. Too much can crowd the space and make it feel claustrophobic.

The number of guests you invite will determine the amount of seating you need. It’s also important to liaise with the venue regarding their capacity limits and floor plan details. Some venues will even provide helpful diagrams and layouts for different setups.

Remember to set out trash receptacles for the duration of the party. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep a butt bucket near seating areas for guests to put their used cigarette butts in. This way, it makes cleanup easier for you and your guests. Also, be sure to keep the door clear of clutter — like coffee tables and entertainment centers — to encourage easy mingling. If you use your home’s party room as a second den, living room or dining room for day-to-day life, then be sure to keep it separate from the rest of your house.

Create Multiple Functions

If you enjoy entertaining, consider designing or remodeling your home with a kids party game idea. Some homeowners choose to convert a dining room, living room or additional den, while others build or remodel a dedicated space for parties and social communes. Regardless of which type of room you choose for your party space, there are several design aspects you need to include.

One important consideration is the ceiling height. Low ceilings make crowded rooms feel small and claustrophobic, while cathedral or sloped (also called tray) ceilings help to open the space and encourage air circulation.

Another design feature to consider is food buffets and drink stations. It’s easy to set up one or more of these in a Party Room when the space is carefully planned. You’ll also want to provide conveniently located trash receptacles and a place for guests to leave their used cigarette butts.

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