Remodel Your Home to Include a Party Room

Remodel Your Home to Include a Party Room

If your home is big enough and you frequently entertain guests, it may be worth a remodel to include a party room game idea This den-type room often functions as a dining room, second living room or recreation space in addition to its party purposes.

This is the only Party Room in FNAF 2 that Toy Bonnie doesn’t enter before crawling into the Left Air Vent. It features posters of the animatronic characters’ catchphrases.


Homeowners who like to entertain often choose to include a home party room in their building or remodeling plans. This room is often a dining room, living room or additional den that can transform into a social commune for guests.

The design of your party room will depend on how you entertain and what sort of décor you have in mind for the event. If you have a theme in mind, try to incorporate it into your design choices, such as paint colors, furniture, pillows, pictures and accessories.

When choosing decorations for your Party Room, consider using foil balloons to add color and flair. You can find these in a variety of shapes to fit any theme. String lights are another simple but effective way to light up your room. Choose a simple white strand or choose colored ones to match your décor. Adding frameless interior glass windows is a great way to enhance the exterior beauty of your home while allowing natural lighting into your Party Room.


Interior designers have many furniture arrangement strategies to optimize a home party space. For example, removing coffee tables, footstools, and entertainment consoles to free up floor space can open up the room. But some furniture pieces are essential, like seating for your guests and side tables to set down drinks.

For a more creative approach, consider incorporating feng shui into your party room. This centuries-old philosophy can help create a sense of balance in the space and help guests relax and enjoy the party. Hanging a few creative pieces of décor on the walls, such as sculptures, photographs, decorative lamps, and tchotchkes can also add to the ambiance.

If you have a home bar, make sure to keep a few bar stools in the Party Room so your guests can easily grab a drink and join the fun. This will allow your guests to get comfortable and socialize more, which is especially important for larger parties.


Lighting is a huge part of the atmosphere of any party and it should give new arrivals an idea of what to expect from the start. It is often overlooked by hosts in the mad rush to get food, drinks and tables set up but it can really transform a room and set a mood.

Consider the use of uplighting and strobing lights to highlight features of your space. These can be programmed to interact with the music and bring a whole new feel to your event.

Simple tricks like laying colored cloth over lamps can also change the look and feel of a room and cost almost nothing to do. You can even tuck in string lights around windows and doorways to create eye catching lighting. These can also be triggered via wristbands and lanyards to illuminate at key moments in the party, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Tables & Seating

The table and seating arrangements in a party room game idea can affect the level of interaction between participants. Whether it’s a conference room, banquet hall or other type of venue, the way chairs are arranged in relation to each other can make a difference in how comfortable attendees feel.

Rectangular tables with chairs in rows are ideal for agenda-focused meetings and discussions because the open space in the middle allows a facilitator or moderator to easily move around the room without having to navigate through seated guests. This setup also helps minimize status differences in the group.

Round tables can be a good option for parties because they usually seat 8 people (or 6 in a crescent) comfortably. However, if the space is limited, consider using other types of furniture such as coffee and end tables to keep the floor clear. You’ll want to provide convenient trash receptacles and food buffet lines as well, so plan your layout accordingly.

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